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money, or lack thereof.

ArtNiki McNeillComment

so everybody that knows me is aware of my current financial situation. i like to refer to it as chronic broke-itis. with no real job, i'm only making just enough money to put in my mouth and gas tank.

but today i was looking at the senior exhibition in the art department and i realized i DO have a way to make money: i need to sell some of my art!! the least expensive piece of art i saw was $100 and i definitely feel like i have some comparable pieces that i could sell. i'd be sad to let them go, but times are hard! lol so ebay is gonna be my venue of choice, we see how that goes!

here are some of the pieces im thinking of selling...if you're interested let me know!

self portrait
charcoal and graphite - 12" x 18"
partly cloudy
acrylic on canvas - 18" x 40"

corinne bailey rae
Acrylic on canvas - 18" x 24"

graphite-8.5"x 11"

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