gimme that purple stuff!

So my break has started off wonderfully! I had a great time with my girls this weekend. Its always great to see them but even better when we have things to celebrate. I think Amy had a great birthday and Kelli's graduation celebration was perfect! I'm so proud of my friends, they inspire me to do better!

Sunday afternoon Courtney, Tonii, Lauren and I went to see the WORST movie I've ever seen in my LIFE: The Perfect Holiday. We went to see it knowing it was gonna be a little cheesy because of the cast and the fact that it is rated PG. But the level of mediocrity and ridiculousness that this movie was at is really appalling. I'm not quite sure how it even got in the theaters. First of all, Morris Chestnut is a horrible actor.... I never was a huge fan of his, but his acting was so bad in this movie that I feel he should have to give personal refunds to all the measly 3 million people that saw the movie this weekend. Gabrielle Union, I'm convinced, cannot play any other role than an uppity Black woman trying to get a man, which is hardly a departure from reality for her. And then, Terrance Howard (an Academy Award Nominee) and Queen Latifah, who is usually very good, were playing magical elves (???). Everything about this movie was bad..... the plot was predictable and mundane. The music SUCKED. The wardrobe was HORRIBLE.... Gabrielle Union wore the same velour pantsuit throughout the whole movie, even though the character she played was portrayed to have enough money to buy plenty of outfits. They didn't even do her hair for half of the movie! Morris Chestnut wore these silly caps a la ReRun throughout the whole movie.... perhaps that was a ploy to distract from his horrible lip syncing as he tried to play a song writer/mall Santa..... I could go on and on about how bad this movie is. The actor that played Gabrielle Union's oldest son was actually the best actor in the movie... and Cat Williams was kind of funny, but that's the only positive things I can think to say about this movie. I was actually so offended by how bad this movie was that I thought about asking for my money back. Bottom line: Don't go see this movie!! And don't let anybody you know waste their money.

On another note.... I spent about 4 hours yesterday designing a new Myspace page! I haven't really gotten into the Myspace world that much but I like the opportunity to use graphic design to create your own space. Facebook is more user friendly but Myspace pages are more interesting by far... some people have some crazy pages! Are you on Myspace? If so, add me! I only have like 12 friends that I actually know! haha

Merry Christmas!!

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