merry early christmas!

So less from a week before Christmas the family drama has already begun on the McNeill-front. I can't say that I'm surprised but its always disappointing when your family loses track of the real purpose of the holidays, which is to be TOGETHER, and become motivated by other things. But I'm not gonna stress it, I said my piece and what will be will be. I AM excited that my long lost cousin Punkin.... well I guess we should call him William now that he's 18.... is coming, and my Aunt Essie, cousin Shanda and Tony! I was praying that they would come.

As Christmas gets closer and closer I want an iPhone more and more... probably because I know I'm not gonna be getting one anytime soon. Haha But my cousin Monica just got one so I can play with hers! Did you know that if I had an iPhone I could be writing this blog anywhere and post it instantly from where I am? If you're reading this... and your thinking about getting me something for Christmas, get me one! lol

On another note... Ebony got free tickets to see a pre-screening of "The Great Debaters" tonight so I'm going to that... and "Sweeney Todd" comes out tomorrow! WOOHOO!! :)

And lastly, check out this video of Dr. Julia Hare at the State of the Black Union conference (taped a few months ago at Hampton University). What do you think about what she has to say? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS

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