Stew: The Long Awaited Intro

Thanks for the intro. It feels so good to know that someone thinks so highly of me.... Well besides my family of course. How should I repay you? I guess we will discuss that later. For the rest of you, as she said my name is Stew; so much more, but nothing less...Stew. Simple right?? I hope that I will be able to capture the minds and the hearts the same way Niki has. My plans for this blog??? I am going to continue with the rich tradition of previous posts, and comment on things that intrigue me; things that I think others may like also. As an extra-added bonus I am also going to comment on things I don't like and why I think it's stupid. To give you all a fair warning I am going to shine a DIFFERENT kind of light on things, and hopefully I will be able to provoke thought. Keep an eye out for me. I'll be back really soon.


Interior Designer living & loving in Raleigh, NC.