florence first photos

Here are a few pictures from my first couple days in Florence. I took 100 pictures in 3 days so its hard to narrow down but I hope you enjoy these!! It is so hot here -- just like North Carolina. And unlike North Carolina there is no sweet tea or lemonade and people don't walk slow in the heat! haha They also don't have AC like we're used to in the south so its taking a little while to adjust to always being hot. Cute hair? Forget about it! No nice clothes during the day either because you WILL sweat through them.

one end of my street!

My roomate Becca checking out the view from our apartment door.
We live on the 3rd floor so we can't get this view from our windows....
The green cross you see means "pharmacy" all over the city.
There is a really good gelato place right on my block and also a couple pizza places and snack places. Its a cute street but very LOUD at night.

Entrance to the Piazza de Republica. This is the oldest part of the city and where the Roman ruins lie underneath the cobblestones. There

Tower next to the Duomo!
This is about 5 minutes from my apartment.
We can here the bells from our bedroom.

A better look at the Duomo dome....

Around the corner from my apartment is the Uffizi museum...
haven't visited yet but I heard its pretty amazing.

More Florence streets....

Replica of David in the plaza near our street....
I'm going to see the real one soon!!

Plaza de Republica

Olivia + Chanel store! In the Plaza de Republica

Another shot of the small dome at the Cathedral...

The river that divides the city.
No, there are no gondolas... that's Venice!
I live on one side of the river and my school is on the other so I will cross this bridge pretty much every day.

Me on the bridge on the way to school.
Arrivederci! ;)

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