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better day of class + cafe lunch

Niki McNeill4 Comments

I'm happy to say that I got my class schedule straightened out and I SHOULD be still on track to graduate when I get back to Meredith. I was freaking out for a day or so there but things worked themselves out, as they always do. So today was a much better day for me because I wasn't stressed about my classes. I love my Italian class. My teacher reminds me so much of Uma Thurman, she looks like her and her mannerisms are like hers and I just want her to come to class in a yellow jumpsuit one day just like the one she wore in Kill Bill!! haha

This is the view from my classroom. It's amazing! We are on the fourth floor of a building directly across from the Piazza Pitti, which is a medieval castle. From the balcony outside our window we can see almost all of Florence. Look!!

to the left.... the right! depending on where I sit in class,
this is what I get to see out the window!

After class I had to go to the post office to confirm that I am who I said I am on my legal resident papers so I took advantage of the trip and mailed some things back home. Check you mail, you may be getting something from me soon!! ;)

The post office was so ornate, I had to snap a couple pictures. My roommate Becca and our friend Marie, who's also in the program and nearly fluent in Italian (very helpful) were with me and we decided to get late lunch after we left....

Becca and Marie in the post office. Notice the red numbers in the background... when you get there, you push a little button to get a number... and then when your number pops up in red, there is a green number of which window to go to that is beside it (you can't see it behind the column). Very efficient system, but the postal workers are just as crabby as in the states! lol
Pictures of lunch coming up now....

Ciao! ;)

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