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more italy pictures!!!

Niki McNeill6 Comments

Soooo, i'll admit i've been kinda slipping on my picture uploading because I was so stressed out/tired with starting all new classes AGAIN, this week.... BUT I do have a few good ones to share....

Things are pretty good here, just getting adjusted to the new schedule and learning the city more each day! I'm starting to understand Italian a lot more too.... and I feel less like a tourist and more like I live here! I may have visitors from home coming in a couple months so I'm really excited about that. Anyway, check out the pictures!!

I took this picture of the original David by Michaelangelo at the Galleria Accademia in about .5 seconds because no cameras were allowed! Very stealth!!! lol :) This photo does not do the statue justice; its actually about 17 feet high (not including the pedastal). The proportion of the body is made to be viewed from many feet below the statue so it looks amazing up close. The detail is fantastic!

These are just cool pictures I took of Florence at night....

these are in the Uffizi gallery courtyard,
about a block from my apartment

on the ponte vecchio,
the bridge is full night and day!
during the day all the jewelry shops are open...
at night there are street performers, and people just hang out.

and last but not least... the river on a clear day!

I have many more to come... that's all for now though!! Ciao! ;)

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