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"oggi faccio pollo fritte perla cena"

Niki McNeill9 Comments

"Today I'm making fried chicken for dinner!!" That's what popped into my head this morning in the shower. I will have been here a month this Thursday and it really feels like I've been here for two! I think my craving for fried chicken is my way of missing home!! Things are great here but I do wish I could transport so many people and things from the states here to be with me.

So anyway, I did fry some chicken!! haha And some apples and I was gonna make macaroni and cheese but there was no appropriate cheese at the stores on my street. BUT, I will find some cheese soon.... and that macaroni will be made. My roommates were amazed at my chicken frying abilities.... but I didn't even marinate this chicken overnight this was just a quick fry!! I don't feel that I'm special because I can fry chicken; I feel like the southern (read country) girl that I am when I'm frying chicken!! Anyway here is a picture of my country dinner here in Italy.

home sweet home on a plate!

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