look what i did!

I'm taking an Illustration for Interior Design class and we are using watercolor pencils right now to do color illustrations of black and white photocopies. At first, I was confused because in my rendering class we always drew from color photos.... but now I've kind of gotten the hang of it and its pretty cool!

photocopy 1

this was my first try with the watercolor pencils...
i didn't use any water, this is just dry pencil on dark grey paper.
(there is a slight reflection of the black pencil on the inner part of the chairs, please excuse it!)
my teacher told me it was good, but my circles are not round enough (????)

photocopy 2

my second drawing!!
this time we used water to turn the watercolor pencil into actual watercolor, then we went back over it with the same pencils to add detail with a really sharp point. i really like watercolor pencils now.... i have a homework assignment to do another wood chair and I'm actually excited about doing it!

so now you have proof that i actually do some work here in Florence. A little bit! ;)


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