bare naked walls

My friends Lauren and Tonii both asked me about inexpensive wall art ideas, so here are some of my tips for creating an interesting space out of a blah wall!
Remember, when you are adding things to your wall, think about how they work with the rest of the room. Are you creating a reading nook or a focal point to anchor the room? Does your room need color or texture or both? No matter what your design needs and budget, you can create something with a little bit of cash and maybe a little more effort! I'm a huge fan of upcycling, so all of these ideas involve reusing, instead of buying brand new products.

Idea #1: Empty sculptural frames. This is a great way to add architectural detail without create permanent changes to your space. Frames can be found everywhere from Goodwill to TJ Maxx for very little! Add a little spray paint to make the uniform, and you have an impactful wall. The photo above is a great example, but you can do this with color too!

Idea #2: Display your collections! Remember in elementary when you used to make collages? Get creative with the things you already have. The key is to remember elements of design, like rhythm and symmetry. When I was in college, I used 16 vinyl records to create a "headboard" behind my bed; it added an illusion of structure, color from the labels in the centers, as well as a little sparkle to the room with the shiny vinyl! Also, when displaying your collectibles, make sure you use a proper mount, or try shadow boxes, to insure your pretty things don't fall off the wall.

Idea #3: Vintage magazine covers. Not a fan of tons of personal photos? Vintage magazine covers have a great graphic quality and totally brighten up a space. They look great in gallery frames (like the Ikea Ribba frame) and the cover headlines add an element of nostalgia in the way that photos do, but in a less intimate way.
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