rachel's living room makeover

Rachel Stewart, a talented artist & jewelry maker, recently made over her living room and did an awesome job! I love what she did with the lighting and the color throughout the room.


The room looked great before the makeover, but every once in a while we all want a little change! Rachel did a great job of using the main elements in her room (furniture, rug, and key accessories...) and creating a totally different look.


These lamps really create a lounge like feel in the room and the graphic pillows pop off her sofa, unlike the solid colored ones she had before.

Rachel's mix of African inspired accessories with modern graphic pattern really speaks to her love of both! I happen to know from reading her blog that she's a huge comic book fan and hip-hop junkie - and these kinds of prints fit her two passions perfectly! When decorating, don't be afraid to include what YOU like, even if it doesn't "go" with you home. If you would wear it on your body, you shouldn't feel like it doesn't belong in your living room.

Lastly, Rachel created an beautiful original piece of art to complement her new room. Although Rachel is a professional, I encourage anybody to try creating something original for your space while decorating. It doesn't get more YOU than something made with your own hands.

Thanks to Rachel for letting me share her space on SBP. If you have a space that you've made over, I'd love to feature it here! Email me at hello(at)nikimcneill.com. And if you have a space you want to make over but are lost about where to start, I'd be happy to offer my design services through SingleBubblePop Design Studio!

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