adding color to white wall rooms

One of the disadvantages of apartment living is the restrictions on painting your walls. For me, a person who loves color, it's always my first instinct to want to paint the walls a color, because it's an instant and affordable way to liven up a space. But, with fabric an accesories, a room with white walls can seem just as vibrant. It's just about finding the right mix and balance that creates the mood you want. Here are a few rooms that inspire me as I select finishes for my own new space; maybe they'll inspire you too!

Designer Caldwell Flake via Blueprint Bliss

With all the layers of pattern, color and texture, you don't even notice that the walls in these rooms are pretty bare. I love those chevron curtains! I have a couple of lamps similar to the turquoise ones pictures above but they are black with black lamp shades. I love them, but they need an update! I'm planning on painting them and adding new shades to give my living room a punch of color.

Designer Caldwell Flake via Blueprint Bliss

All the green in this room works well because the pieces are similar shades but not matchy matchy. Don't be afraid to mix different tones of the same color!

Designer Sarah Richardson via Elements of Style Blog

Adding a bold, multicolored rug to the floor instantly brings the eyes' focus away from the white walls. In this room, the wide blue band outlining the curtains also gives the illusion of more architecture and depth to the walls. (Adding a band like this to pre-made curtains is an easy trick if you're good with DIY!)

I'll be using some of these tips as I decorate my new place. Share some of your tips too in the comment section!

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