a jazzy retro kitchen

In 1960, Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong and his wife Lucille renovated the kitchen in their 1910 Queens, NY home. Looks like they had decades of style; this kitchen would look great in a modern home! I love the bright blue cabinetry and the lovely floral wallpaper. Good job Louis & Lucy! ;)

The exterior of their NY home.

L& L Armstrong

They had all of this cabinetry custom made for the space in their favorite color...

...and the kitchen featured top of the line appliances for that time period. Check out the double ovens & a microwave (which was a luxury!)

Both Mr. & Mrs. Armstrong were around 5 feet tall, so this chair frequently doubled as a footstool.

I just love this wallpaper - I would put it in my home today!

I'm drawn to this kitchen so much because it reminds me of my grandparent's kitchen. They didn't have fancy cabinetry or state of the art appliances, but it definitely had that mid-century charm! I spent a lot of time in there growing up, so kitchens from this era always bring a nostalgic feeling for me. Apartment Therapy has the details on how they put together this fabulous little kitchen. Find out how they got custom cabinets made with a musical twist! (Hint: Piano hinges!)

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