salvador dali museum

If you're in Atlanta you may have heard that the High Musuem of Art opened their brand new Salvador Dali exhibit this weekend to an overwhelming crowd of art lovers. I was one of the thousands to flocked to the museum on Saturday night to check out the surrealist works, but like many, I didn't get to see the actual exhibit! It's a long story but, after a couple hours of chaos and overcrowding, we gave up and decided to come back another time - so we could enjoy Dali in peace.

Nevertheless, with Dali on the brain, I came across the Salvador Dali Museum currently being built in St. Petersburg, Florida. I couldn't find the architect behind it, but they did a great job capturing the surrealism of Dali in a modern way. The building is said to reflect Dali's fascination with DNA; how cool!

Concept Rendering

Construction Progress

The museum today...

For more shots, check out the HOK Flickr set here. Wouldn't you love to see Dali's art in an amazing space like this? Let's plan a road trip...who's down?

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