sneak peek + painting tips

So you may be wondering how my paint job came out a couple weeks ago since I said I'd reveal the finished product. But, I decided to withhold revealing the whole room until it's all done! The above photo is a little sneak peek of what's to come. The starburst clock is a vintage hand-me-down from my mom's aunt, and one of my favorite things. The clock doesn't actually work, but it's stunning! I can't believe how well it's kept up over probably 60 years...

When I was choosing the color for our living room, I kept this piece in mind. The idea was to choose a color that would create a nice contrast with the saturated gold of the clock to really make it a focal point. I think the blue I chose does this nicely!

Here are some painting tips for those thinking of doing a little painting themselves!

Tip 0.1) Don't make a mess like we did!

1) "Light & Long".Whether you're using a roller or a brush, you want to make sure your strokes are light & long. They should be light in the sense that you are not pressing too hard on the surface, and as long as possible to avoid short choppy lines.

2) Pay attention to your brush! There is a thin line between just the right about of paint and too much paint on your brush or roller. Too little can leave your painting streaky and you'll know you don't have enough because you'll start to press too hard. Remember, light & long! Also, watch to make sure no paint is dripping from your brush/roller; that means you have too much.

3) Use your tools wisely. I love to use the Shur-Line Edging pads to save time on taping everything, but they still aren't error proof! Use whatever helpful tools you can, but it doesn't substitute for good ol' patience and precision.

4) The color will dry lighter. Don't freak out if once you start painting the color looks darker than your paint swatch. It will dry lighter! The important thing is to make sure you're painting a nice even coat. Most quality paints don't require a second coat if you do a great first coat (except for select colors).

5) Have fun with it! Paint is amazing in that it can create a dramatic impact but is 100% temporary. Although nobody wants to waste their time and effort on a paint job gone bad, any mistakes you make while painting are totally fixable. Just take the necessary precautions to protect other surfaces and go for it! Have a ball! Want to try a cool pattern with a stencil? Faux finish an accent wall? Nothing should stop you from trying; you can always paint over it!

I hope these tips inspire you to do a little painting of your own. Have you painted in your home recently? I'd love to hear about your project!

All photos by A. Burton

Creative spirit living & loving in Raleigh, NC.