brooklyn inspired

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I had a ball catching up with family and friends in North Carolina - but I had Brooklyn on my mind the entire time! I actually ran into a few of my friends who have relocated to Brooklyn and love it there, and talking with them about it reminded me of the fabulous new collection from Aphro Chic! Jeanine collaborated with illustrator Samantha Hahn to create a beautiful assortment of home accessories including pillows, table top decor & even a shower curtain. All of it features beautiful watercolor illustrations depicting the good life in Brooklyn. They did an awesome job capturing the spirit of the BK, which inspired me! I decided to create a design board based around my favorite piece in the collection.

The design board below features the "Brooklyn Life Indoor" pillow from AphroChic and products from CB2, Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn and more.

aphro chic pillow brooklyn life inside new collection cb2 calypso home rug urban outfitters lamps plus pottery barn drapes

DETAILS: Lamp, Rug, Mirrors, Pillow, Drapes, Side Table.

Need some inspiration to get a space in your home up to par? Contact me today to have a custom design board done, complete with where to by and installation instructions starting at only $150!

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