dreamer's digest: week 5


I LOVE to eat! If I could eat all day...I probably would. Everytime my friends and I travel, we always research the best restaurants before getting to our destination. When my friends travel to different parts of Europe, I always ask them when they return, "How was the food? What'd you eat?" I love food SO much, I've been trying my best to document all of the food I've eaten since I've been in Paris! Take a look at a few of my favorites ;)

I had Vietnamese Pho for the first time when I got to Paris. The first time, I really didn't really like it. Now...let's just say I eat it AT LEAST once a week. This is at Pho 14 in 11th.

Delicious Salad with Chevre Cheese from Vins et Terroirs in the 6th.

Oh...and this was my dessert at Vins et Terroirs! Chocolate covered cream filled eclairs!

Pesto Penne Pasta at an Italian restaurant in Montmarte. It was so delicious!

Speaking of italian food..this was hands down the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Sold by weight, we came for the truffle pizza (!!!!) but we settled with this kind that had bacon and other meat. It was really out of this world. We went back and ordered more!

We stopped through a cafe not far from the Chatelet station in Paris and had this salmon and cheese over bread and delicious salad! The Beer? Peach Stella!

And lastly...myBerry. Fresh yogurt, kind of similar to PinkBerry. I had mine with fresh mangoes!

Hope you enjoyed it! Je suis faim maintenant!! (I'm hungry now!)

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