artist spotlight: yves klein

Yves Klein was an early modernist artist from Nice, France. Notorious for his exclusive use of the color blue and provacative installation art, Yves was a pioneer in the Nouveau Realism movement in France. His works left the viewer asking many questions; and that was his exact intention, to provoke thoughts and feelings.

This is the painting he is probably most famous for:

Throughout the mid-50s Klien would show many monochromatic canvases like this, with much confused reactions from his followers. He felt that no one would ever understand these works, so he moved on to installations.

My favorite of his installations is the work he did with women's bodies as brushes. It's a brilliant way to show the beauty of the female figure in an interesting and artful way.

Notice the band in the back? He put on a great show!

What do you think about Klien's art? I'm hoping to catch on of his pieces in person while in Paris. For more on Yves Klein, click here!

Images via 1.2

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