artist spotlight: radcliffe bailey

I had the pleasure of visiting the High twice this month to check out the phenomenal exhibition on Atlanta artist Radcliffe Bailey. I had a special connection to his work because he's heavily influenced by music, in particular jazz piano! He repeatedly used piano keys in his work as well as sheet music & even the body of a baby grand. I took some snapshots with my iPhone just to give you a glimpse.

The exhibition was titled "Memory as Medicine"

Most of the pieces were multi-layered mixed media works like this one where he incorporated family photos given to him by his grandmother.

Here's a closeup of the same piece where you can see the texture of the paint and other materials beneath a thick layer of polyurethane. 

My friends Dani & Loren standing in front of one of my favorite works in the show!

A dramatic installation piece composed of 1000s of piano keys took up an entire room...

And another piece featured a deconstructed baby grand piano.

And lastly, here is another vibrant mixed media piece. The entire exhibition was just really cool. His works are filled with history, individuality & vibrancy. Definitely one of the best shows I've been to in a while!

And another cool fact about Mr. Bailey? He's married to the fabulous Victoria Rowell! Unfortunately, his exhibition at the High has ended but you can find information on where it will be next here.

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