christmas book wishlist!

Honestly, I never really believed in Santa Clause. The whole idea didn't make sense to me! I knew my parents provided everything I wanted and needed, and Christmas was about Jesus.... so where did this chubby Caucasian man come into play?? With that thought process as a child, I would spend HOURS creating Christmas lists for my mom each year. Way before blogging, I'd copy & paste pictures into Microsoft Word and email them to her with prices and where to purchase.

So! This year I decided to do a few wishlists for those that are still shopping and looking for ideas!! (Or want to buy me something ;-)) First up: books for the design enthusiast

Any design lover will LOVE one of these for their coffee table collection.
Domino: The Book of Decorating. Live, Love & Decorate. Black & White . Hue.JA on Happy Chic Colors. Design Sponge at Home

Stay tuned for more wishlists this week!

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