motivation monday

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"Sometimes the pain you may be going through in the present may actually be something you are holding on to from the past. Think about releasing yourself from then and allowing yourself to enjoy now. Everything has a season." -Jasmine Rose Wade

I was blessed enough to take the weekend off to spend some time with my amazing family in NC. To be honest, I often feel guilty for being so far from most of them & putting work and my life in Atlanta first. We are a tight-knit, big crew & I feel their love + support all the time, although I don't get to see them as much as I like. Being with them this weekend really reminded me that the best way to enjoy life is to just let go & be of completely present. It sounds cliche, but it's so true that no day is promised. We get so bogged down with what we have to do, how we think things should be, combating negative emotions, etc. etc. that we miss the simple bliss of being WELL at this very moment.

I left my to-do list & calendars alone for 3 days and it was the best thing I could do to soak up the priceless family time + recharge & rejuvenate for this week and beyond! I let go of the guilt & anxiety I sometimes feel about the constant balance of work & the people I love. Hopefully, you take a little time to LET GO as well this Monday AM.


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