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produced by faith by devon franklin book review

I picked up this book during my break from blogging last month and I have to say that it was very instrumental in me turning things around. DeVon Franklin wrote this book about career success from his perspective as a Christian Hollywood executive. However, it certainly applies to ANYONE building a career for themselves. He tells his story about staying true to what he believes while still relentlessly pursuing his ambitious goals. The theme that resonated the most for me was remembering that we are all just characters in our own movie. Often times we get so caught up in our own ambition that we think we are the writer, director and star of our life's movie, but in reality, it's next to impossible, and probably not the smartest idea, to attempt to play all those roles. Focusing in on who YOUR director is, listening to His direction and playing your role is the key to giving an outstanding performance, according to Produced by Faith.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy! Or you can download it directly to your Kindle here. Check out DeVon talking about his story and the book below!

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