about high point market

about high point market
niki mcneill high point market spring 2013

When I was growing up here in North Carolina, I never really


how much of a big deal it was that

High Point Furniture Market

#HPMkt was less than 2 hours away from my hometown. High Point is such a small little city with absolutely nothing going on. My mother is from Mt. Airy, which is not too far from High Point

(and even smaller and slower)

, so I just had this impression of High Point as another town to be passed through on the highway. It wasn't until I became interested in interior design that I really grasped how


the spring and fall markets at High Point really are.

They are the

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

s of furniture.

With that understanding came a strong desire to be apart! #HPMkt is exclusive to those within the furniture and design industry, and I have worked hard to position myself so that I can attend market, not just as a visitor but as a participant.

niki mcneill high point market spring 2013

This is my gratuitous "I'm so happy to be here!" bathroom shot at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

:) Being able to attend this market was such milestone for me because I was able to do everything I have dreamed of doing. I visited exclusive showrooms, shook hands with the originators of huge brands. I was also really pleased to be a face of color in the almost completely "vanilla" market. I know it may not matter to some, but I'm always happy to represent those of us brown-skinned girls who love and work in design too.

niki mcneill high point market spring 2013

I was able to choose from hundreds of fabric options and upholstery frames to design custom furnishings for the store. The showrooms themselves were inspiration overload! Imagine real life vignettes from


boards all jumbled together in one room.

niki mcneill high point market spring 2013

Although I've been before, this time was significant for me because it reminded me that

I'm exactly where I want to be

in my career right now. I'm doing great in school, and looking forward to actually being DONE in December. I'm working for a great company that allows me to grow as well as practice the design skills I've learned over the last six years.

PS - This little vignette reminded me so much of


space I did last year!

niki mcneill high point market spring 2013

I'm so grateful to be at this point! And even though I'll always keep striving for more, it was nice to be able to just sit back and appreciate the moment.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Creative spirit living & loving in Raleigh, NC.