Sneak Peek: Marquis on Edwards Mill

Design is such a funny process. As a designer, you do your best to communicate your vision through drawings and words, but with every project, there are always hiccups. 


I'm so excited that we finally started putting the finishing touches on a project I started back in April. Lights have been hung, paint has been applied and floors have been laid. Now this is my favorite part, layering on the pretty! 


I showed up yesterday morning anticipating the delivery of our beautiful furniture and accessories, only to find that the space was still very much under construction. I gave this guy a serious side eye when he walked in with a bucket of grout next to my newly laid wool rug. 


Within 30 minutes he was finished grouting and our rug was still spotless. (Praise God!) 


The fabric on these club chairs made me gasp for air when I found it on the racks at Karen Saks. Seeing the chairs in the space with everything else made all the delays & drama worth it. 


Meanwhile, Megan and I hung this artwork in the adjacent wifi lounge. (See that unfinished wall behind me? Yea, still not done.) But the artwork is up and the rest of the room is looking great! 


This community is going to have the coolest little business center in west Raleigh. 

I cannot wait to show the final photos! Stay tuned...

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