Why I'm Going to Peru

Why I'm Going to Peru

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Lima, Peru with a group of people from The Summit Church!

We will be partnering with South American Mission to serve with a church in their local outreach efforts. I'm really excited about staying with a family there and serving at a home for girls who have experienced abuse.


I'm taking a week off of work and traveling to a different continent and serve people I've never met because I believe that our work is our worship. I consider it a privilege to be able to share the love that God has shown me by working alongside His people.


As we prepare to go, I'm asking that you pray for our team! We're praying not just that our trip go smoothly, but that everyone we interact with see the God in us. We're praying that our hearts be positioned to serve with the people of Lima & not to place our American mindsets on how they live. 


Follow me on Instagram as I share our journey while I'm there, and of course, I'll share a recap here on the blog! I cannot thank you enough for your prayers, and a special thank you to every person who donated funds to enable me to be able to go!  

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