How to Make A Bed Like a Designer

Do you make your bed up every morning?

I'm not judging you if you said no! Growing up, my parents were never strict about us making up our beds. My dad was the one who got us up and out in the morning, and he was more concerned about whether we were clean, fed & dressed than what our rooms looked like. Now as an adult living in a studio apartment, I can hardly go a day without making up my bed. It just instantly pulls together the room and a made bed feels so much better to slide into at the end of the day.

Now that I'm designing so many model apartments, I've had to streamline the process of making a bed so that I can efficiently make a bed look beautiful, every time! I learned this formula for bed styling from working at Pottery Barn & dressing countless client beds over the years.


Helpful Tips:

  • Use safety pins to secure a comforter inside a duvet cover by pinning the corners to the inside of your duvet. 
  • Lay your flat sheet with the "good" side down so that is always touching your skin. It will also show when you flip the flat sheet over the comforter/duvet.
  • Using a box spring?  Cover it with a fitted sheet as an alternative to a bedskirt!

I hope these tips help you! Need inspiration for your bedroom design? I have a whole board on Pinterest for that. Tag me in a photo of your bed on Instagram. I'd love to see it! And in case you missed it, check out a tour of my bedroom below.

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