Style: Wool Skirt 5 Ways

A little known fact about me is that I purchase about 75% of my clothing from thrift stores. 

I started shopping at thrift stores when I was working for J.Crew back in 2011. While I was on the management & visual merchandising teams, I was expected to portray the signature J.Crew style, but even with my employee discount, I couldn't afford it. Thankfully, much of that style is just restyling of classic pieces. 

So on my off days, I went searching for similar items at local thrift stores. Cashmere, silk, wool, quality denim - they never go out of style but they are ALWAYS at thrift stores. Once I got the hang of it, it became an obsession. I started finding quality, timeless pieces and styling them the same way I dressed the mannequins in our store. 

Now, there is rarely a day that I'm NOT wearing something thrifted, and I can't say that I'll ever stop. I love the feeling of walking out of a store with a bag full of quality clothing for $20, and not having to worry if someone will be wearing the exact same thing at a party. Some of the pieces I paid $3 for (like this plaid wool skirt) I've been wearing for YEARS. 

So I thought it would be fun to start sharing how I wear some of the things I find to inspire you to do the same! Today I'm sharing how I wear one $3 wool skirt 5 different ways. 


I would much rather wear dresses and skirts than business casual pants to work. When I'm meeting with clients or presenting plans, I try to look more business than creative. A blazer elevates any outfit and pairing it with this skirt is an unexpected mix. I keep a little bit of designer quirk with this bold necklace peeking out from under all the black. 

BLAZER: Thrifted H&M ( similar here ) / TANK: TJ Maxx Find ( similar here ) / NECKLACE: Gifted  /  BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old,   similar here  )

BLAZER: Thrifted H&M (similar here) / TANK: TJ Maxx Find (similar here) / NECKLACE: Gifted  / BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old, similar here)


In North Carolina, we have sporatic mild days throughout the winter. It will literally be in the 30s one day and then the 70s the next. On those balmy winter days, it's fun to pair summer pieces with a winter staple. I would dress this up with pearls and my grey snakeskin strappy heels 

BLOUSE: J.Crew (old,  similar here ) / NECKLACE: Gifted ( similar here ) / HEELS: Diba, (Old,  similar here ) 

BLOUSE: J.Crew (old, similar here) / NECKLACE: Gifted (similar here) / HEELS: Diba, (Old, similar here

Shopping for Clients

Shopping is hard work! Whenever I'm shopping for clients I need my hair pulled back, comfy shoes and sleeves rolled up. I literally break out into a sweat sometimes! There are moments when I'm rushing through a store with two many things in my hands because I get excited and want it ALL. These are the most comfortable boots I own & this flowing blouse let's me breathe while I'm working.

BLOUSE: Stein Mart find ( similar here ) / NECKLACE: Stella & Dot (old,  similar here ) / BRACELET: H&M (similar here) /  BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old,   similar here  )

BLOUSE: Stein Mart find (similar here) / NECKLACE: Stella & Dot (old, similar here) / BRACELET: H&M (similar here) / BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old, similar here)

Brunch With Girlfriends

This hat is so special to me because it was my Nana's. She had impeccable style & this wool hat is timeless. I love the velvet band & the fur pom poms. I would totally wear this to brunch with my girlfriends.

HAT: Via My Mama's Mama ( similar here ) / BLOUSE: Marshall's find ( similar here ) / NECKLACE: Gifted ( similar here ) / BOOTS: Thrifted Ann Taylor ( similar here )

HAT: Via My Mama's Mama (similar here) / BLOUSE: Marshall's find (similar here) / NECKLACE: Gifted (similar here) / BOOTS: Thrifted Ann Taylor (similar here)


Classic chic

Sometimes I luck up and find two staple pieces in one shopping trip. This was the case when I found this cashmere peplum turtleneck and this plaid skirt at the same time. I bought the turtleneck because the cashmere feels amazing and I live in turtlenecks during the winter! Initially, I didn't think I would wear them together but adding this little bow belt pulled it together. 


TURTLENECK: Thrifted ( similar here ) / BELT: J.Crew (old,  similar here ) / BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old,  similar here )

TURTLENECK: Thrifted (similar here) / BELT: J.Crew (old, similar here) / BOOTS: Antonio Melani (old, similar here)

PS - My glasses are from Miu Miu and I never leave home without my Apple Watch. All images by Images by Amber Robinson


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