In With the New

In With the New

Hey y'all! 

Today I am 30 years and 365 days old. Birthdays are always a reflective time for me. Everyday, I'm grateful to wake up & have another chance at this thing called life, but as my birthday approaches each year, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am living a life better than I could have imagined for myself. 

I am so grateful that my faith has been stretched and developed to the place where it is today. 2016 thus far has been a year of walking by faith. Walking away from friendships that weren't mutually beneficial, walking away from a job that stifled my spirit, and walking into my purpose unapologetically.

I've been practicing the art of letting go, and letting God, and the results have been amazing. So, I decided to let go of my old blog and bring in my new year with a new format. 


Creative spirit living & loving in Raleigh, NC.