The Olive Guide Winter 2017

The Olive Guide Winter 2017

I am blessed to be at a point in my career that I can do the kind of work that I once dreamed of! Every time I see one of my designs come to life, it's a dream come true.  

I'm passionate about great design, but even more so about building community, not competition in my industry. That is why I partnered with the amazing Quintel Gwinn and Ebony Staten to curate & edit this edition of The Olive Guide

There are so many incredible designers of color that deserve to have their talent showcased! We were so overwhelmed with the quality of submissions we received, it was hard to narrow it down!

On a personal note, I always prefer to be behind the scenes, but Quin insisted that I be included in this issue as well! So the project I have a sneak peek of last year is revealed on page 19. This is the first press mention that Level Five Designs has received too!

I would really appreciate if you took the time to read this beautiful issue and if you love it, share! 


Featured image by Chris Charles

Click the cover below to view the whole issue!! 

Come back & tell me about your favorite part in the comments!  

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