One Room Challenge // Week 5

Hello November!

This year AND this challenge are flying by. Every time I think that I've "caught up" I realize that I'm actually still behind. This week I didn't get to make a ton of progress in my studio because I'm actually not at home! I am dog sitting for the cutest pup named Cookie and to make it more convenient, I'm staying at her home throughout the week.

On top of that, I have another model apartment installation to complete for tomorrow and preparing for that has been consuming my days. There are so many details to sort out to furnish and decorate a two bedroom apartment all in one day! I never feel like I'm prepared enough, but I try my best to be!

Ok back to the challenge, I did make some progress this week by painting the accent area in between my DIY wallpaper. 


I wanted to create some more architectural interest and break up this long wall by saturating it with a rich color. Carbon Copy by Behr was the perfect charcoal to compliment my large scale floral fabric. I used the Premium Plus and I was so pleased by how smooth the application was and I only needed one coat! 


Now that the wall is painted, I'm planning to add a large piece of art on top of the carbon strip to tie this space together. I've been pinning abstract pieces for inspiration all week long. The canvas that I have is 48" wide and 36" high so it's quite of bit of space to cover! Thankfully I have a plethora of paint just waiting to be used up. 

With only two weeks left, it's crunch time! Here's what I have left to do:

  • Hang the matching mirror to the left.
  • Paint my artwork & hang it!
  • Mount my TV
  • Hang curtain panels
  • Install wall sconces in my bedroom area
  • Hang art in my bedroom area
  • Style the living room area

Do you think I can get it all done? 


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