Sunday Six

Some of my favorite blogs have weekly roundups and I so look forward to reading them each week. I'm starting a series here on SBP where I share 6 things from my week every Sunday. I so appreciate eveyrone who reads and supports my blog, so I want to stay connected to you! 

1 // My Birthday

My mom & I have the same smile :)  

My mom & I have the same smile :)  

I turned 32 years old this week, and I'm so grateful to be starting a new year happy and healthy with my family. One thing that I've noticed that has changed in my 30s is that I now feel like I need lipstick to feel 'done.' You couldn't catch me with a red lip in my 20s, but now I live for it! I'm also living in comfy dresses these days. 

2 // New Model Apartment Project


Lately I've been designing a ton of model apartments! It's fun because usually I'm starting from a blank slate. Most of the time, when I submit a design board like this one to a client, they have some things they would like to change. On this presentation though, the client took one look and approved it right away. Yassss! I'll be sure to share the before & after of this space once we install later this summer. 

3 // Favorite Pin of the Week


I'm constantly on Pinterest looking at beautiful spaces and pinning recipes. I love the paneling on the wall in this bedroom, so that's what initially caught my eye about the photo. This one was a close second or my favorite this week! Such a great infographic about design styles. 

4 // These Shoes


I posted this photo about how excited I was about this new floor tile, but people seemed to be more interested in my shoes! Truth be told, I have been living in flats lately. Cute flat sandals are going to be my go-to this summer. These Steve Madden ones are my favorite right now.  

5 // Sketching


With everything being so digital, I've really missed sketching as a part of the design process. Last week I took the time to actually draw out a preliminary floor plan for an upcoming project, and it felt so good! For a super visual person like me, there is nothing like seeing the ideas floating around in your head on paper. I'm vowing to do more sketching from now on.

6 // A Sweet Elopement


My beautiful friend got married this weekend in a short & sweet ceremony. It was awesome to be there as one of her witnesses. I just love a small intimate ceremony!

I hope you are having an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Creative spirit living & loving in Raleigh, NC.