Sunday Six

1 // At Homes Stores

This week I did a whirlwind of accessories shopping for a model apartment I'm working on as well as the clubhouse project I mentioned last week. I was pleasantly surprised by the collection at my local At Home store! If you aren't familiar with this store, picture a Sam's Club sized HomeGoods. But it's merchandised and neat like the decor section of Target. I love popping in here for a wide variety well-priced accessories.  Unfortunately, they don't sell online yet but you can check out some of what they sell here.


2 // Bakery Project Progress 

A local baker is building his dream brick & mortar site, and I am honored to be able to help him design it! This is a specialty bakery, where people will come and pick up goodies that they can't find anywhere else. The owner wants it to have a timeless, sophisticated feel, and I cannot wait to see these details come to life. Of course, you know I'll share photos when I have them! 

bakery construction millwork drawings.JPG

3 // I'm going back to Peru! 

You may remember that I went on a short mission trip to Peru last year. (You can see the posts here & here!) Ever since, I have been thinking about and praying about the people I met while I was there. Well, I'm so excited that I will be going BACK in October to lead a small team on another short trip. This time my DAD is joining me and I couldn't be happier about it. 


Watch my summary video about my trip below! 

4 // What I'm Reading  

This week I started reading The Happiness Equation and it has been full of gems. The premise of this book is that we have the equation wrong. We're taught that if we do great work it will lead to great success, which will lead to happiness. But in reality, we must first be happy in order to do great work that leads to success. I highly recommend this read! Purchase a coy here


5 // Olive Green Everything

Lately I've been wearing so much olive green. I don't know if its because everything is green around me here in North Carolina, but I find myself grabbing this utility vest and putting it over everything. I have a pair of army green khakis that are my other go to as well. In this photo I'm wearing an H&M dress that I found at a thrift store and one of my favorite cross body bags (also thrifted).

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Nikki

6 // Help! Father's Day Picks

My dad is THE hardest person to shop for and I always wait till the last minute to buy gifts. (Not just for him, for everyone!) If you have any father's day gift ideas - please send them my way! I'm thinking about getting him this since he loves to garden. Tweet me, email me or send me a Facebook message! I appreciate it! 

Have a wonderful week! -xo

Creative spirit living & loving in Raleigh, NC.