Sunday Six

1 // Mid-century Modern Makeover

shellbrook apartments raleigh nc

The team at Level Five Designs did the first part of an installation at a historic community here in Raleigh called Shellbrook. This property is special to the owner because her father acquired it years ago & it has remained in their portfolio for decades! To keep the character & history of the clubhouse, layers of bright color & contrast were added to every room. I cannot wait to see the professional photos of the space!

2 // Wallpaper Everywhere!


At my farmhouse project, we're going to begin applying wallpaper next week. This homeowner absolutely LOVES wallpaper and so we have over 60 rolls of different styles going in! This awesome photo-realistic paper came in last week, and will be gracing one of the stairways in her home. Stay tuned! 

3 // Model Refresh

stallings mill apartments clayton nc.JPG

Down in Clayton, NC,  I helped install a refresh of a two bedroom model apartment. This apartment was sooo spacious and had great foundation pieces, but needed an extra boost to get that wow factor. Now, when prospective residents move in, they are sure to say "OMG!"

4 // Bedroom Progress

behr swiss coffee bedroom makeover

Over at Amber's bedroom, this happened! Her hubby did an amazing job applying this trim. We painted it with Behr's Swiss Coffee and the room already looks so much brighter & cozy!! Now I'm on the hunt for new nightstands with ample storage. 

5 // Cutest Bungalow

1920 bungalow raleigh nc

I toured the cutest 1920's bungalow this week and I can't stop thinking about it. It needs a ton of work, but could be an amazing transformation. It has an incredible backyard, and two fireplaces. I strolled through and imagined a brand new kitchen, bathrooms and beautiful furnishings filling this charming little home.

6 // Father's Day! 


I love my dad so much and I'm so thankful for him! There isn't another person in my life who cheers me on more than him. For that, I'm forever grateful. Ever since I can remember, he's always done above & beyond what he needs to just to make my sister & me feel like queens. I wrote about lessons I learned from Linwood here.


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