How to Hide Your TV

How to Hide Your TV

Rarely do I get overly excited about the latest in electronics....

So much of the time, electronic companies just give us a slight update to the last model, and before we can get too comfortable with what's state of the art, they introduce a new shinier better thing. That leaves us with buyer's regrets and dissatisfaction with our freshly sub-par tech.

That's not the case with the latest TV release from Samsung! This fusion of art & technology is a game changer that I wish I could purchase for all the projects I design! This 4K TV not only has a stunning picture for watching your favorites, but it comes preloaded with 100 art options for when you are not watching.

samsung frame tv 2017 art.jpg

If you ask any interior designer, they will tell you that TV placement is one of the biggest hurdles we have to jump over in any project. Not only does the TV impact furniture placement, but it's really difficult to make a big black rectangle look beautiful in a room. The Frame automatically switches to art mode when your TV is left on and no one is watching, so you never have that issue.

samsung frame tv as art in living room.jpg

The new Samsung Frame allows you to seamlessly integrate a 55" or 65" TV into your decor, with the preloaded artwork or your own collection. It's slim profile makes it indistinguishable from any other art you hang on the wall.  

samsung frame how to hide your flat screen

I love that they have frame options to choose from to further personalize your space! I cannot wait to pitch this to a client so I can see it in person.

samsung frame how to hide your tv

This sleek easel is such a great look compared to the clunky tv stands of the past. I just adore how it has integrated cable management so no more staring at a mess of chords.

how to turn your tv into art samsung.jpg

See the TV in action in this video...

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