Project Reveal: Professional Vibes

The day to day tasks of a mental health professional and an attorney have to be challenging to say the least.

And I’m sure combining the two high-achieving careers in a marriage leaves little room for decorating. This couple has committed their lives to serving others and are so deserving of a relaxing retreat at the end of the day. When they called me, they had just moved into their beautiful Greenville, NC home and realized that the upgrade in space left them with zero furnishings for their new large living room.


With dreams of hosting friends and family in their new home, they knew that making this space feel complete was a high priority. But with two demanding careers, who has the time? That is where my team and I came in. After a consultation, we narrowed down the feeling they wanted to have in this room as well as the aesthetic. Let me elaborate how those are two different things. The feeling is derived by how all your senses are engaged in the space. The touch of the fabrics, the levels of lighting and the space plan all create a feeling in a space. The aesthetic is the particular style that you prefer. Whether it’s modern, traditional or farmhouse, each of the styles refers to the look of the space, but not the overall feeling. You can achieve a similar feeling in each one of these styles when working with a designer who discerns what your desires are from the start.

Fortunately, the couple made provisions to complete this makeover before they host their first Thanksgiving dinner at their home next month! We were able to create the design plan, procure everything that they selected and install this room within 8 weeks. Now the couple is enjoying their space with the fireplace aglow and anticipating family gatherings for years to come.


Is there a space in your home that you have neglected and want to finally finish?

We’re happy to assist! The first step is a design consultation and then we take it from there! In 6-8 weeks we can give you the HGTV experience of walking into a fully completed room after just one install day.

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