Your Home May Look Dated If...

Your Home May Look Dated If...

It’s a new season which is the perfect time to start thinking about home updates!

These five things are probably making your home look dated. Find out how you can bring your home up to date this fall with these simple changes.

Old Carpet

Unless you’re professionally cleaning it regularly, it gets old fast. Opt for hard surfaces in high traffic areas, and layer area rugs for comfort. There are so many beautiful wood-look products on the market now as well that are budget friendly, durable and easy to clean.

Ceiling fans in every room

Although purposeful, they give all the retirement home vibes. If ventilation is an issue, at least update your fans so something sleek that matches the vibe of your home. Especially if you have a lower ceiling height, having too many ceiling fans can be obtrusive and an eyesore.

Textured Ceilings

Need I say more?

Heavy busy drapery

Opt for something more tailored to bring you up to date. No need for swags and jabos to formalize your window treatment. You can achieve a touch of refinement with tailored panels. Add a festive trim or use a luxurious fabric to up the ante.

Dated gold light fixtures

Some of my favorite finds at Carolina Lighting and Design. 

Some of my favorite finds at Carolina Lighting and Design. 

Brass is back, but it’s not your 1980s shiny boob light. Replacing the light fixtures in your home is a quick fix that can make a huge impact. You may be tempted to order online or go to a big box store to find lighting, but don’t overlook your local resources too! Carolina Lighting in Cameron Village is a family-owned 25 year old business who specializes in JUST lighting. That means that when you walk into their beautiful showroom, you’re getting instant access to lighting specialists. They carry a broad spectrum of styles and price points, and can guide you to making the best selections for your home.

Carolina Lighting and design Raleigh nc

As a designer, I can’t stress enough how critical it is to get your lighting right! Lighting truly is like the jewelry of the room. Any stylish woman would not leave home without the perfect accessories, so that same woman should look at this lighting in her home with the same intention! 


Use the awesome resources at Carolina Lighting & Design to update your fixtures so that your home is up to date for 2018! 


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