Style: An Ode to Summer

It’s officially the last weekend of the summer and what a summer it has been! Although it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a break from the heat anytime soon, today I’m taking a moment to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned this summer.

 Images by Amber Robinson_Raleigh Wedding Photographer_Single Bubble Pop

But first, how fun is this coral babydoll dress I purchased from Elizabeth & Nichole? The color just reminds me of being on a tropical island somewhere and it’s so comfortable! The shape is flattering on every body type and I especially love how it makes me look like I actually have long legs. 😅

 Images by Amber Robinson_Raleigh Wedding Photographer_Single Bubble Pop

And my dad purchased this straw bag for me during his travels to South America. I just love how it brings some pattern, color and international flair to any outfit. Do you wear woven bags all year long? But let’s get into some of the lessons I learned this summer.

You cannot communicate too much

Early on in the summer I had a project go south. The client originally signed on as a full-service client and was super excited to get started on their project. To make a long story short, at some point after multiple meetings and presentations, this client decided to begin sourcing on their own, which is not a part of the full service design process. 

I made the assumption, based on these actions that the client was more interested in completing the room themselves, rather than what we originally planned. I adjusted my expectations about completing the project, but didn’t do a great job articulating that to the client. The resolution of our working relationship was not the happy ending I aspire to with all my clients, but I’ve counted it as a lesson learned! 

LESSON: You cannot be too clear in your communication with clients!

Delegation is an art

As SingleBubblePop grows, I have been blessed with two designers who help me part time. They are both talented in their own unique ways and I’m so grateful to have them on my team! 

The challenge for me in this growth period has been effectively delegating tasks. (Looks like there was a communication theme this summer!) As a solopreneur, we complete tasks alone without documenting the process so much. When a new person comes into play, we have to summarize ALL the steps it takes to get a task done instead of just doing it.

LESSON: Help is most effective when they have the best instructions!

The best customers are your existing ones

If you remember these living room and breakfast nook project reveals you’ll know that they are in the same home with the same clients. They hired me to complete a second area of their home and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to work with them again. There is nothing like a client who trusts your vision and process and I’m so grateful for them! I recently booked a consultation with friends of theirs who visited their home and loved it. I spend a great deal of time on business development, because I want to continue to grow, but this summer I learned that my client base has been the biggest lead source to date.

LESSON: Sometimes you don’t have to generate “new” business, your loyal clients are always there to support.

You never know who’s watching you

I have received so many great responses to the press mentions I’ve had this year but by far the most outstanding one was from a gentleman I’ll call “Mr. C.” Most of the time, people will reach out to me via social media or email, but Mr. C called me up one afternoon to ask when I would like to schedule my book signing event! No, you didn’t miss anything, I haven’t written a book! That immediately got my attention, and he went on to share how impressed he was with what he’s seen and heard of me. He took the next step to virtually introduce me to about 10 creative professionals in our area that he thought I should know. 

I was so flattered by his compliments and support and wow’d by his initiative to connect me with potential collaboration partners.

LESSON: Stay consistent in your messaging on and offline; you’re always being watched!



 Images by Amber Robinson_Raleigh Wedding Photographer_Single Bubble Pop

I like to be transparent with y’all because we all can benefit from my own lessons learned. All of us are works in progress, and I know I especially lean a lot on GRACE from day to day. 🙌🏽

What Lessons did you learn this summer that you’re taking into fall 2019?


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