2019 Furniture Trends

I spent 2 days visiting 18 different merchants for the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market and let me tell you, it was amazing!

 Photos by Brittany Butterworth Photography

For those who are unfamiliar to what High Point Market is, it is the largest trade show for furniture and decor vendors in the WORLD. With over 11 million square feet of showroom space, it’s impossible to navigate it all, even with the four days I was in town.

 Photos by Brittany Butterworth Photography

While most of the vendors are marketing their new products to retailers who will stock their items in their online or physical stores, many interior designers travel to High Point for the spring and fall markets because we are retailers too! I have attended many times to scout the best upholstery, but this trip was extra special because I had exclusive access to a pre-selected group of vendors with the Design Bloggers Tour. Here are the trends that I saw as we navigated through the best of the best.

Winged Headboards

In so many of the showrooms I visited, I saw extra wide headboards that extend behind the bedside tables. This look brings an extra dose of coziness to the bedroom and also doubles for sound attenuation. If you like in a noisy apartment building like me, you’ll appreciate having an extra 3 feet of sound buffer on each side of you as you sleep.

Upholstered Mirrors

The first mirror that I saw with a fabric wrapped from was part of Ryan Korban’s collection at E.J. Victor. He’s amazing, btw.


He opted to use microsuede for this extra large mirror which gave the frame a totally different feel. (Pun intended!) I love this trend because it combines my love for mirrors and beautiful fabrics!

Made Goods was speaking my love language with this round dalmation print mirror and I cannot wait to get my hands on one or two for my own place.

Natural Materials

Whether it was using ACTUAL natural materials or evoking the beauty of the sea through color and pattern, I saw so much of the “outside” in many of the vignettes. I believe this influence of biophilia is taking root in our homes because we’re spending more and more time on devices and less in the outdoors. We’re wired to crave nature so

The Color Green

Back in 2017, it seemed like “Millennial Pink” was absolutely everywhere, and this market shades of green were seen throughout the market. Green is one of my favorite colors that I’m always drawn to in fashion, so I was grateful to see this soothing hue get some shine. Again, I think we are all craving a bit of nature inside and adding the color green is a great way to bring that in.


Curved Sofas

Boxy seems to be out and curvy is in! Throughout market I saw several variations of curved sofas, whether it was in the front seat cushion or the outer back. This look may remind you of the popular shapes of the midcentury, but it’s been updated with today’s fabrics and color schemes.


Here’s a little behind the scenes look at our tour!

It was so hard to condense the two days into a short video but I hope this gives a little peek into what our day were like! I’ll be sharing more on my stories today too, so if you’re not already following me on Insta, head on over there!

Stay tuned for next week’s post when I’ll be giving my tips on how to incorporate these fresh ideas into your home!

 Photos by Brittany Butterworth Photography

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