Personal Style At Home

Look at what you’re wearing right now. Or better yet, think about your favorite outfit. Now look at how your living room is decorated. Does it match your personal style?

So often, I meet stylish people who haven’t taken the same amount of care in designing their home. I love Auntie Oprah’s saying..”your home should rise up to meet when you walk in the door.” Is that how you feel when you come into your home?


free people two piece set
justina selamat design for home

You shop at Anthropologie and Free People. Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow collection is perfect for your home! 


banana republic class dress
crate and barrel dining room

Your go-to store is Banana Republic for everyday wear, and you love a statement designer bag. Crate and Barrel is a perfect resource for your styling needs.


asos funky style

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If you find yourself gravitating to and Forever 21 to find the latest trendy flock, you may find that the home decor items at Modshop. 



Zara sees you monthly and the idea of chotskies in your home gives you the heebee-jeebies. You're best bet is to buy things for your home from Design Within Reach. They have all the authentic classic mid-century modern pieces that you'll never grow tired of.


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