Project Reveal: A New Start

Imagine getting the keys to your new apartment, walking in and having it perfectly styled and ready for your personal things. There are no moving boxes to haul out and a freshly made bed to sleep in! That's exactly the experience we provided for this busy, newlywed couple. 

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E

A little known fact about me: I moved 11 times in my twenties. Eleven times! I became a pro at purging before a move and quickly setting up shop when I arrived at my next destination. But because I did that so many times, I fully understand how stressful and annoying moving into a new apartment can be. 

Whenever I toured a new apartment complex, I was always so in love with the way the model apartment was furnished and styled. (I had no idea that I would be designing those very model apartments years later!)

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E

I often would do these moves with little help, and it would take months for me to really feel comfortable in my new space. Between juggling all my part-time jobs, I would spend hours searching for deals on furniture and decor to try to make my place feel like home. Once I found what I could afford that also fit my style, you could find me desperately dragging lamps, rugs and more to my tiny Toyota Corolla and attempting to load it all up by myself. It was quite a sight to be seen. I can remember one particular trip to HomeGoods when a kind stranger offered to help me, and I was equally embarrassed and appreciative.

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E

Once I got all my furniture and decor home, the challenge of getting it up to my apartment began. Did I mention that I am barely 5' tall? The struggle was so real! But little by little, I was determined to get my humble abode together. It was a lot of work, but I did it because I truly believe that having a comfortable home that reflects you is a foundation that we all should have. I have no doubt that I would not have been as motivated and inspired to go after my goals if I was coming home to blank walls and uncomfortable furniture everyday. 

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E
Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E

I recognize that a lot of people don't invest in their apartment furnishings and decor because they believe that it's not worth it for a temporary residence. Let me tell you, that could not be far from the truth. There are many things that I have purchased over the years for my many apartments that I'm still using today! 

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E
Project Photography by  Amber Robinson

Project Photography by Amber Robinson

Knowing how stressful getting settled in an apartment can be motivated me to create a streamlined service for new residents like this sweet couple. Since they were starting from scratch, the needed living room furniture, bedroom furniture and guidance on how to reuse the few furniture and art pieces they had. We were able to create the spaces you see here within 1 month and a 5 hour install day. After lunch, the couple came back to a beautifully made bed, a cozy sofa and NO boxes or trash to remove! They had movers scheduled to come at the end of the day with their personal belongings, and they were able to relax and put things away at their leisure. No living out of boxes for weeks on end, because everything already had a predetermined space from day one. If you are moving soon and would love to have the same experience, my team and I are happy to help! 

Turn Key Apartment Service

  • A customized design plan for your living room and/or bedrooms presented with a complete budget so there are no surprise costs

  • 4-6 week lead time from the time of approval & payment
  • Furniture & decor are securely stored until a prescheduled installation day
  • White glove delivery, furniture assembly, and placement before your personal items arrive at your apartment
  • Custom window treatments delivered and installed on install day
  • Art selection and hanging on install day
  • Boxes & extras removed at the end of install day
  • Professional tech installation and set up available
  • Professional closet organization available

Starting at $6,000 - including furnishings for one room

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | 6333 E

If you love that how this bedroom and living room came out, you can shop some of the items below! New email subscribers get 20% off their first order over $200, so be sure to subscribe below. 

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