How Much Will It Cost?

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One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “how much will this cost?” Well, of course, it varies with every project, but a good rule of thumb when planning for a renovation is to expect the labor to cost just as much, if not more than your materials. I always tell people that HGTV is a gift and a curse to design professionals because, on the one hand, it has popularized home renovations but it has grossly misguided the general public on how much it costs.

Case in point, this video:

The video is edited to portray that this transformation was completed with $12,000. I can tell you that is absolutely not true. They listed some of the costs for the materials shown in this renovation, but no labor costs were shown. They also didn't outline what exactly the numbers they presented covered. For example, they point to cabinets with the number $1500, which may make you think that the homeowners were able to install brand new cabinets for their kitchen for that cost. 

The Real Deal

In actuality, it appears that the existing cabinets were painted, fitted with new doors and received new hardware. Doing all that may have been possible for a materials cost of $1500, but doesn't include the labor cost which would be at LEAST $1500 more. More than likely, they are not including the cost of that beautiful brass hardware in that $1500 total either, which can cost sometimes $10 per pull. 

My point is, these renovations add up! Working with a designer can help you have a concrete plan before you bring in a contractor to execute the work. A great designer has connections with different vendors and can provide you excellent pricing on materials. A designer will certainly tell you how to get the most bang for your buck, but be realistic about the total cost.

Furnishing your space 

For furnishings expect to invest the most in your bed and your sofa, because that’s where you will spend most of your time. Buy the best you can afford to start, and you won’t have to replace it later! I'm currently helping my mother re-decorate her bedroom, and she sill has the bed she was sleeping on before I was born! Although she wants a new look, my point is, when you buy quality it will last. A designer can point you to brands that are made with care that will serve you and your family for years to come. 

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