5 Easy Weekend Decor Updates

5 Easy Weekend Decor Updates

We're all super busy and limited on time. You can quickly change the look and feel of your home within a weekend with these 5 small updates!

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1. Change your Bedding


Do you know that your bed is the place that you spend the most time in your home? Even though most of us think that you don't get enough rest, the truth is, we spend more hours in our bed than anywhere else in our home. So treat it with some respect! A fresh coverlet plus layers of decorative pillows can make a world of a difference in the look and feel of your bed. 

2. Add a New Rug


More than likely, you've neglected the area of your home that gets the most wear and tear: your floor! These areas get worn out quicker than any other surface in your home. Adding a rug over wall to wall carpet is totally ok can add color and texture to your space with low commitment. If you have hardwood floors, protect those by adding a good rug pad combined with an amazing rug. This Madeline Weinrib rug belongs to one of my favorite clients and it is stunning in person. 

3. Change Your Hardware

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Cabinet pulls, doorknobs and switch plates are easy to swap out but make a big difference in the room. Even if you're not going for embellishment, like the brass outlet shown above, just removing and replacing the ones you have can freshen up a stale room. I absolutely love when I walk into a space and it has unexpected hardware on the doors and drawers!

4. Add a Mirror


This is one of my favorite hacks! Adding a mirror to any space doubles the natural light in a room! If you have a room with just one window, adding a mirror is both beautiful wall decor but also creates so much more light in the space. I'm working on a living room makeover now where we added 3 mirrors to a long windowless wall to create the illusion of more windows.

5. Paint!


Painting is the easiest thing you can do to make a huge impactful change to any space. The hardest part of painting is the prep work; move furniture as needed, clean your walls, tape out the edges and cover your floors and lights. Remove any switchplates and other things mounted to your wall. Pick a paint color that you love, and get to rolling! Last year, I added a block of paint to my studio wall and it made such a huge difference. You can see the full makeover here!

If you try any of these updates this weekend, let me know! 

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