You MUST Do this Before Listing Your Home

You MUST Do this Before Listing Your Home

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Purging has gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series. The truth is, we don’t need many of the things that we’ve collected over time in our homes. It’s so easy to overlook those overfilled junk drawers and tucked away closets until it’s time to pack up and move.

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Keeping clutter to a minimum is necessary for keeping your home beautiful while you’re enjoying the space, but it’s essential to purge when it’s time to move. Nowadays, homeowners are making quick moves for so many reasons. For example, my neighbors had only been in their home for about 2 years when a new job promotion moved them to a different state and only gave them a month to make arrangements.

niki mcneill raleigh nc interior designer

Here are Five Tips for Decluttering and Purging Your Home

  1. Completely empty out the space before you start. It’s so tempting to look into a full closet and simply pull out the things you think you no longer need. But what’s really revealing is when you have to put items back into that empty closet. You’ll think twice about how much you use it!

  2. Don’t think too much! Part of the reason we hold on to some things is that we have a memory associated with them or they were a gift. If that item has been tucked away so long that you forgot about it, it’s ok to let it go! Obviously, this doesn’t apply to ALL things, but if in general you haven’t enjoyed the item within the last 6 months to a year, let it go!

  3. Categorize your donations. It takes another step, but is so worth it! Make sure you’re sending items to charities that can actually use them! I love donating gently used women’s clothing to Interact because 90% of the proceeds go towards services that help women escaping domestic violence. Linens can be donated to your local animal shelter as they always need them for cleaning. Rugs can go there too!

  4. Use what you have. Don’t go out and purchase new boxes or bags to transport your donations out of your home. Chances are, you have old grocery bags, Amazon prime boxes and other empty containers that you need to get rid of too! Use those to pile all your purges into your vehicle and it’s an added bonus.

  5. Take photos as you go. While you’re purging, take photos before you drop off your donations at charitable organizations! Most places will provide you a receipt that you can use for tax deductions later if your donation is tax deductible, but it can be difficult to remember the quantity of items after you’re done. Having photos on hand helps!

niki mcneill raleigh nc interior designer

After you’re done purging, you’re probably going to be exhausted, but guess what? That means you will have less to pack before you move and unpack at your new home! With that huge step out of the way, you’ll be moving in no time. The selling process can be made even easier if you choose to sell with Opendoor. No inconvenient prepping, showings, home repairs, and/or staging. Just a simple questionnaire to get started with Opendoor!

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I hope these tips are helpful! Leave a comment below and let me know if you would like to see more posts on decluttering and organizing.

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