House Beautiful Magazine feature!

I never expected that I would be featured in TWO national magazines this year! I am so thrilled to share that I am featured in the September issue of House Beautiful magazine.

Photo by Tyler Joe

Photo by Tyler Joe

I was delighted to be contacted by the House Beautiful team last month with a request to participate in a round table discussion with the editor in chief Jo Saltz. She gathered some of the best designers in Raleigh & Durham to talk about what it means to design spaces that function in multiple ways.

house beautiful magazine SEPTEMBER 2019 issue

When Jo asked us to come prepared with our thoughts on multi-functioning spaces, I immediately thought of generational living. I’ve been so fortunate to have a family that often has 4 generations fellowshipping in the same space, so I understand the importance of designing spaces that can make everyone comfortable. The needs of a 90 year old are so different from a toddler, but it’s possible to create beautiful spaces that serve both!

niki-mcneill raleigh interior designer house beautiful magazine

The other designers also shared that many of their clients are moving away from the open concept style to more defined rooms within their homes. I think we all are craving a little more quiet space and “me time” while at home, so this trend reflects that desire.

Funny story: to get this group shot to be perfectly composed, the photographers had me stand on a ladder! I absolutely loved getting to pretend to be tall for once. :)

In case you’re wondering, here’s what I wore:

Dress | Shoes | Earrings (similar)

When you see the article, you’ll notice that a bedroom I designed is also featured! The bedroom is from my Newlywed apartment project last year. We selected a bed that had hidden storage underneath to maximize on their small space. You can see the rest of that project below!

GEt the Look

If you have a copy of the magazine, I would love to see it! Please take a photo and tag me on Instagram.


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